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This girl says she is going to kick my ass.?

I’m a fitness model. So i know I could take her. It’s the fact I don’t believe in violence unless my life is in danger. How should I handle this the mature way. I’m a junior in high school. With out being a tattle tail. any advice.

Uggg ignore her , it’ll piss her off more than anything..

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Fittin' It All In: Adult Fitness, 40 to Forever

Fittin’ It All In: Adult Fitness, 40 to Forever


The fast pace of modern life has escalated several wellness concerns: How can we possibly find time for good health practices in our already hectic lives? And once we hit forty, isn’t it already too late to change health habits enough to positively impact our lives? Fittin’ It All In: Adult Fitness, 40 to Forever gives you ten practical strategies that prove there is still time and that it’s…

Fort Da: A Report

Fort Da: A Report


A psychological and linguistic exploration of obsession and illicit love.While working at a sleep lab in northern Germany, Rosemarie Ramee, a 38-year-old American neurologist, falls in love with Aslan, an eleven-year-old Turkish Cypriot. To get closer to the boy, RR undertakes a “marriage of convenience” to the boy’s uncle. But when the uncle suddenly disappears, Ramee, alone with Aslan, must take…

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Laikakingdom Men’s Business Genuine Leather Buckle Closure Oxfords Shoes

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