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Parasites – a serious health risk

Written by Dr. Laskonis Chicagohealers.com Elizabeth, ND, MH, CNC, CNHP –

What are parasites?

A parasite is an organism that lives on or in any other body, at the expense of the host organism. The parasites live inside the human body out to feed our cells, our energy, before eating, is also out of the supplements we take. There are many types of parasites. They are divided into several categories. Here are some common Parasites: amoebic, arthropods, bacteria and bacteria nano, flatworms, fins, fungus, mold, mildew and slime molds, microzymas, mycoplasmas, nematodes, Pin worms, prions, protozoa, roundworms, Somatodes, spirochetes, tapeworms, viruses and yeasts. Some are just visible under the microscope. Some may be in the chair to pass and become quite large. The parasites produce thousands of eggs, and have more of a life, from 3-24.

Here is a brief description of some of the known species of parasites:

Arthropods are six eight-legged creatures like lice, bedbugs, flies, mites, ticks and larvae.

Bacteria in almost anything. Here are some examples: Shigella species are often present in milk is pasteurized and the intestinal muscle and cause joint problems. Salmonella is common in pasteurized milk, eggs and poultry and cause food poisoning.

E-Coli can also be found in food. Staphylococcus epidermidis is very hard to kill and cause sinusitis and infections of the skin. Streptococcus pneumoniae often causes ear, sinuses, throat and bronchial infections. Borelli burgdorferi causes Lyme disease. It spends some of his cycle inside nerve cells. There are also two different types of bacteria, the nano-bacteria, spirochetes and be identified.

Caudal fin is leaf-shaped, thin worms with bilateral symmetry of the body and plate hooks or suction cups. They have male and female organs in each person. You have simple and complex life cycle of the digestive system with two or more guests, usually one of which is a mollusk. Some examples are: Fasiolopsis buski, Fasciola hepatica, Eurytrema pancreaticum.

Multi-cellular fungi with long strings / spores that can live on the skin under the nails and in tumors and tissues. Ringworm is a skin fungus. There are also mold, mildew and slime molds.

Microzymas can the body of other types of pests or other being captured formed by microzyma. You can also transform cysts, tumors and foreign cells.

Morgon Morgon can be caught as may from Morgon or other types of parasites become one. You can use a thread-like fibers, which can sometimes come through the skin. It is a disease called Morgellons associated with this type of parasites.

Mycoplasmas are a crystalline bacterial toxin associated with the bacterium Brucella. Sometimes in chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, Gulf War Illness, AIDS and diseases found. It can be supplied in insects, aerosol, food chain, or caught from contact with other infected people.

Prions are misfolded proteins one, that the damage will be treated as a parasite, because they do. You can subscribe to the cells and cause holes in the brain. This is the main cause of Alzheimer's disease and mad cow diseases.

Protozoa are single cell animals and a very complex life cycle. Some examples are:

Toxoplasma gondii, Sarcocystis species and Giardia lamblia. There are also three species of protozoa known as amoebae and nematodes Somatodes.

And wart virus – the virus can cause serious illness. Adenovirus causes the common cold. RSV causes respiratory problems. influenza virus cause the flu. There are many other types of virus. Warts are colonies of several species of virus.

The worms are worms of various types, such as housing, pin, round, thread. Roundworms are long, cylindrical worms with well-developed digestive tract. Most are free-living species, but a large number of species of parasites of humans, animals and plants. In humans, there are two types of intestinal tissue and live. Some species are spiny tips worms, to help support with hooks into the intestinal wall. Your digestive tract is insufficient. Some examples are: Ascaris lumbricoides, pinworms, Enterobius vermicularis, Strongyloides stercoralis and Trichinella spiralis.

Tapeworms are ribbon-shaped elongated body with a specialized plant organ, called worms in the front. They contain both male and female organs. They have no digestive tract and adhere to the internal organs of the small intestine or otherwise, the nutrients get contact directly and in their bodies. immature tapeworms invade the tissues and encyst there. Most need at least two armies. Some examples: Diphyllobothrium latum are Echinococcus granulosus and Taenia solium.

Language worms throughout the body just can not tongue. They are well on their way language called, not because of language. They are serious and can cause many problems. Can transform into other types of parasites.

Yeast cell types divide and individual parasitize humans. albacans Candida is one of many species.

Others – there are many other types of parasites, I do not know. We can actually see the muscle test a person if "other" parasites that we can not identify, has done. We then to the right herbs to kill her.

Parasites can be from one person to another by direct contact between the host and a potential host transmitted by cysts or eggs can live for a while out before a second host infected host. Some are carried out by an arthropod vector, a host can, even if the parasite develops in it. Many have complex life cycles to complete two or more species of hosts of their cycles.

Parasites can be taken orally, snorted through the nose or skin contact. They can also be transmitted through body fluids. Insects and animals can transmit to humans.

Common sources of parasites, soil, fruits, vegetables, raw or rare pets, mosquitoes and flies, manure, dirty water contaminated contact with another person who is infected.

Among the factors contributing to the growing epidemic of parasites include the widespread use of drugs to suppress that our immune system. An imbalance of good to bad bacteria in the colon is also a factor. Some other factors include eating the widespread use of antibiotics refined carbohydrates, steroids, X rays and radiation, chlorinated water, stress, low fiber nutrition, environmental pollution, poor digestion and excretion toxicity and mercury in dental fillings.

Increased global travel by tourists, immigrants armed forces and the spread parasites in all parts. The increase in synthetic toxins in the body changes the life cycles of some species make many Parasitology Inadequate textbooks. Our lifestyles have increased the spread of the parasite in the world. The increased use of childcare and other Such structures increase the exposure. Increased eating in restaurants pay less than the pollution control parasites. The increased consumption of ethnic food makes us greater diversity of species. The more experience the world and more people are doing a variety of species for which no natural immunity. increased tension in modern life, reduces our immunity. The increase in sexual promiscuity and homosexuality exposure increases. Certain practices of modern medicine and increase the likelihood of parasitic infection transmitted by the patient at risk natural defenses. Examples it is the operations, blood transfusions, incubation and longer hospital stays.

Today, it is obvious that 98% of all diseases are caused by parasites and / or toxins. You can all affect the tissues in the body. Because they cause blood and travels to all organs, for pest problems which often are not recognized as a parasite in its context. For example, a roundworm infestation into the stomach, the appearance of an ulcer. And chronic Giardia lamblia, an element to be discovered, both candidiasis and chronic fatigue syndrome. It is not only the parasites can damage the body, but also excrete waste. These waste products that poison the body, forcing the institutions to work overtime. The treatment of these waste also stresses the immune system. Since the detoxification mechanism is overwhelmed, exhausted diet and weakens the immune system, resulting in development of the disease.

Some of the symptoms caused by parasites:

The loss of scalp hair and rashes
Mental confusion and poor learning ability such as ADD and ADHD or hyperactivity
Memory loss, forgetfulness or chronic depression
Multiple Sclerosis
Parkinson's disease
Bipolar disorder (manic depression as disease)
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Sleep Disorders
Nutrient deficiency and anemia
Headache or migraine
The loss of coordination, seizures, weakness or lack of energy
Hearing loss or itching ears
Rain or distorted vision, blindness and squinting eyes, floaters and double vision
The rash, psoriasis, jaundice or itching
Loss of balance
Horseness, cough and loss of voice
Over or under active thyroid
Decreased immunity or immune system problems
Chronic lung infections and breathing problems
Fast or irregular heartbeat, mitral valve prolapse
hypo-or excessive coughing
Pain in the abdomen, neck, shoulder, back or inflammation joint
Muscle weakness, loss of motor skills, tremors, numbness or
Poor digestion, bloating and gas, indigestion, diarrhea or constipation, irritable bowel syndrome
malabsorption due to malnutrition
Crohn's Disease
Hiatal hernia
acid indigestion, heartburn
Weight loss or gain, eating more than normal but not gain weight or is still hungry
Teeth grinding or pressing
Hemorrhoids or rectal itching
Swelling of legs or feet
Prostate Problems
Frequent or difficult urination, incontinence, burning or itching or bedwetting or chronic infections uninary
Pain during intercourse, the sperm count and viability of the poor, sterility
PMS, period problems, symptoms of menopause, miscarriage, endometriosis
Unexplained fever
Bone pain or deformity
Chronic infections
excessive nose picking or itching
Infections chronic yeast
Chronic fungal infections of the fingernails and / or nails

These are just some of the problems that may be associated with parasites. Most health care providers, whether allopathic or natural to lose a large percentage of the parasites and, at the end of treatment only tends to cause the symptoms of parasites. No one is immune to parasitic infection. Every living creature on earth is subject to pests every day.

Doctors often use a chair or a blood parasite analysis. Recognize, however, may be very difficult to recognize because tend to hide in different parts of the body. There are no specific tests for certain types of parasites. The tests are only 40-50 species of more than thousand, that can live in your body. Therefore, a negative laboratory test does not guarantee that a person has no parasites. The most reliable test or tests kinesiology muscular, but only when very specific one that recognizes and deed. And then there is no guarantee that some may have been overlooked because they like to hide. But it is better to recognize what can and treat them like any other for doing nothing.

In the treatment of parasites, natural health community come with several steps:
1.Identify and what you have
2.Dissolve of cysts and tumors create and open cells capable of killing them are hidden.
3.Kill parasites, both with a zapper "" and the use of herbs.
4.Clean their toxins.
5.Rebuild tissues.
6.Realign energy fields avoid future problems.

How can you avoid worm infections? Since complete avoidance is not possible, you agree to the following instructions and help:

Avoid eating fruits and vegetables not washed thoroughly.
Avoid eating all meat, not cooked thoroughly.
Avoid meat Food cooked in a microwave oven. The temperature varies from place to place in the diet and not working properly to kill the parasites.
Pre-cooked poultry before grilling.
Avoid eating in restaurants all you can.
Keep all animals in your home. If you need to have a pet store, is outdoors.
Do not let animals lick or kiss your skin.
Keep all pets and farm animals weekly or daily doses of herbal preparations wormed. De-wormers are given by veterinarians is inadequate, because the animal will be back as soon as it comes contaminated.
Do not wear clothes of others, especially if you have psoriasis or atopic dermatitis. These items were not likely to Strongyloides worm eggs hatch on contact with skin.
Drink only clean water and milk. (Zap, if not pure)
Always wash your hands after using the toilet and before eating or preparing food.
Avoid breathing air with dust or mold.
Make sure that all household members are free of parasites, so we do not keep the transfer of parasites among themselves.
Make out all the dishes are steamed or in dishes washed with hot water.
Keep all open food packages, including bread in the refrigerator.
Store bread in a paper bag instead of plastic to slow the growth of mold.
Keep your fingers away from the mouth and nose.
Use a clean towel every day – cooking in the microwave before using.
If new symptoms occur, double check for parasites. Kill them before major damage occurs.
Finally, but most important of all, your immune system is kept at eye level. If your immune system is on top form if you do with them, your body can get rid of him instead of digging them an opportunity for you and cause disease.

If parasites can cause means that for your symptoms, you should specialize in medical naturopath, parasitology. You need information and protocols to ensure that you get the best treatment options. Each person is different and may have other letter of recommendation to get rid of their specific parasites. You can not walk enough, only the local health food store, buy a clean two weeks, and think that all the parasites that have been destroyed. Sometimes it takes weeks, months or to destroy certain parasites, depending on what you have, how long has had, and their overall health.

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