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Female Bodybuilding Transformation

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female bodybuilding transformation

Can you beat anabolic steroid testing?

It is a maxim in police work that goes behind every crime there is a reason. The same does the Bodybuilding and other sports. Anyone remember Lee Haney, Dorian Yates, Ronnie Coleman and the string of Mr. Olympia victories, but try to made the second to mention these three great bodybuilders every year.

For the professional and higher level of amateur sport, is the main reason for intensive training for be a desire to be number one. The second important reason is greed. sporting success can become a financial bonanza from the supports, sports partnerships and contracts professionals. can provide, taking into account the potential rewards of sporting success is not surprising that some athletes may choose to come to change the relationship in its favor. Here are some of the most common (both positive and negative) the methods used by athletes to beat anabolic steroid tests.

Blocking agents

found in an endless search for the athletes, a method for a drug test, the use of blockers has become a busy route. Blocker drugs that athletes are "faith" will allow the use of anabolic steroids at the time of the competition. The word is "stressed believe, because the effectiveness of the blockers is more myth than reality.

To use an example, we're in the drug probenecid, which was originally developed for the slow body look in the excretion of penicillin. Probenecid has also been shown to decrease the rate of excretion class called Keto-steroid drugs. Upon hearing this, had many athletes that probenecid also reduce the rate of excretion of anabolic steroids. Probenecid, however, not very effective in this way, even if it was, in the list of banned substances most sports associations, "and can easily be detected in a drug test.


Diuretics are used to dilute the urine by increasing water excretion. Some bodybuilders have Diuretics accelerate the excretion of all drugs in their systems. To counter this, drug testers employ a technique known as the specific gravity test. Tester compare the weight of a substance to the weight of an equal volume of water that has a specific gravity of one. If an athlete dilutes your urine specific gravity is much lower than normal. However, there is some controversy about what is acceptable in a normal range of value of urine specific gravity. As with the blockers, Most sports federations Diuretics are included in the list of banned substances. Diuretics are a poor way to overcome the trials of anabolic steroids.


Another method of fraud is the replacement of a non-drug user "clean" athlete's own urine. One method reported by some Female Bodybuilders and other athletes will be used to conceal a condom filled with "clean" urine into the vagina. If the athlete is called a trial, a push with the nail the condom breaks and triggers the production "clean" urine. To prevent this slight of hand of the athletes, the authorities are now applying close surveillance.


This is an extreme method of substitution and tries to overcome the trials of anabolic steroids. With the help of a catheter (A long, thin tube of rubber), through the urethra into the bladder, an athlete may be empty or fill the bladder itself and to "clean" urine. If this procedure is incorrect, can cause serious infections, bleeding sequence provided, and / or explosion of the bubble. It is an ironic aspect of this procedure. Due to the sensitivity drug test, the athlete can still be captured. If the Athlete of the bladder is emptied, there is still enough liquid to the vessel walls of pollution bladder term "clean" urine. Athletes are constantly The kidneys filter blood and excrete both urine in the bladder, adding another source of pollution.

CYCLING anabolic steroids and RETIREMENT

Anabolic steroids are a training drug. They are not stimulants and do not provide any benefit, during or just before a competition. Most bodybuilders are eager to use their drugs to restrict the offseason. This will ensure that the benefits of anabolic steroids without the risk of getting caught can be exploited. One way sports federations deal with this is that random testing drugs throughout the year to take on. But this is very expensive and can be easily defeated.

Some athletes avoid random drug tests by training in other countries. Athletes who get homesick for a different option, early retirement. Although this means a loss of funds, the athlete can still Drugs train and then a return. An athlete can, for example, to retire after the Olympics, drugs and train for the next three years and after the time of retirement to come to the next team to Olympic Games, without drugs ever tested.

Another method that organizations sports for the use of drugs to fight in the offseason, the ratio of testosterone to epitestosterone is. This drug test is very effective because the use of anabolic steroids, I could see over the drug is stopped by the system of athletes. Athletes, however, have been effective countermeasures with anabolic steroid tests of this type.

The ratio of testosterone to epitestosterone one of the most effective drugs test since 1982, is available. Athletes, however, found that a simple countermeasure, completely invalidate the test. Since anabolic steroids increase the ratio of testosterone to epitestosterone, is about all athletes, epitestosterone injected pure, and the relationship can return was 1:1. It is claimed that the shots in an hour can a drug test with negative results.

As already mentioned, No exact Elimination of each period of steroids. Many factors influence the rate of excretion of steroids from the user's system. For example, if an athlete is to Or vitamin and mineral supplements, tanning pills, or even some types of prescription medicines to process the capacity of the liver can be inhibited by steroids. Therefore, more time is needed for clearance. Such important factors as the type of administration, the position of the injection site, the type of steroid used, duration of use, the level of body fat, height of water in the body, and the dose used, play an important role in determining the time of disposal. There is a security method for athletes anabolic steroids tests pass, obey the rules of competition and remain drug free.

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