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female bodybuilders video

Chyna Quick Guide Mixed Wrestling

Chyna Female Mixed Wrestler

Chyna also known as Joan Marie Laurer. Was born in December 1970 and is now a retired Mixed Wrestler and Actress. Being a former bodybuilder allowed her to take part in the WWF between 1997 and 2001. This is when the nickname Chyna was introduced.

Otherwise known as the ninth wonder of the world in the Wrestling World. She was introduced initially as Paul Levesque’s on screen bodyguard.

Chyna was also the first women wrestler to qualify for the Royal Rumble and consequently enter the King of the Ring Tournament.

Quick Facts

Won the WWF Intercontinental Championship three times.

Won the WWF Women’s Championship once.

Was married to Paul “Triple H” Levesque before his affair.

Stared in numerous television shows, The surreal life and Celebrity Rehab.

Had relationships with Sean Waltman

Born in 1970 in New York (Rochester)

Two older siblings

Difficult upbringing due to her parents divorce.

Her most popular moves were – Handspring back elbow, Power slam, Jawbreaker and the Low Blow.

Her managers have been – The corporation, D-Generation, Triple H and Eddie Guerrero

Final nasty and finishing moves were – Power bomb, Gorilla Press Slam, Double Interlock Face buster and the Sleeper Slam

Additional nickname was Mamacita given to her by Eddie Guerrero

The Entrance to the Arena songs were – No chance in Hell, Break it down, My time and Who am I.

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