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Curvy modeling (not plus!)?

I know I have the face of a model but deff a unique body.. Im only 5’5″ natrually muscular size 6/7 & 34F chest (kind of like Kim Kardashian). Ive always wanted 2 model & I figured if other women are famous 4 curves Id have a shot but want 2 stay away from porn of course, is there any agencys or good companys 2 contact that would be interested in me? Car/Fitness? Pref in Florida or New York.

Fitness models have to be super fit – visable, defined muscles throughout the stomach, arms and legs.

Car modelling is incredibly easy to get into – but does not pay well, nor do I think you really get much satisfaction out of it. You will be given skimpy clothes and you are pretty much there for guys to oogle.

As for any catalogue or print work, it would be really hard as there are standards for fashion models and plus sized models, and unfortunately nothing really in between.

All I suggest is do not go to “modelling school” – these are scams. I would do some research on the internet to see what might be good for you, and if it is car modelling then contact the client directly – don’t go through an agency, as to be honest, reputable agencies probably don’t have a division for car show models.


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