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Womens Clothing Is Going Through A Retro Phase

If you always dreamt about revisiting the 90′s your dream has finally come true. Mens and womens clothing are currently all about the retro look from the early 90′s. This is the latest fashion trend that is making waves and it doesn’t look like there are any plans of it becoming out dated any time soon. Below are some of the trends that will help you create a 90′s look. For some of these looks you’ll just have to hunt through your closet to put together the ideal outfit.

It’s time to take those oversized sweaters out as they have become very trendy once again. These sweaters look great with some leggings and long dangly chains. The sweater should be long enough to reach your thighs. Baggy short sweaters will just look sloppy and frumpy. The sweater can be worn with black or white colored leggings. Depending on how long the sweater is you can choose translucent leggings to give a sexier look. This type of Womens clothing can be comfortable to wear right now but won’t be suitable when the weather gets warmer.

Crop tops are also back with many womens clothing designers offering them as a part of their summer 2010 collection. If you want to show off more skin with this type of womens clothing you need to make sure you hit the gym regularly. You need to look fit and toned to pull of this look attractively. If you’re not comfortable showing off your stomach you can wear a fitted white tank top inside and wear the crop top over it as a trendy layer.

Sailor stripes are also coming out in a lot of spring and summer collections. Striped skirts, shorts, and dresses are very in fashion right now. Most of the sailor striped outfits have thin or thick blue or red stripes on white. Stripes vary from horizontal to vertical. Depending on your body structure you will need to figure out if this look is for you. If you are pear shaped this look might make you look more heavy set. It’s important to wear womens clothing that suits your body type and that highlight your assets. This trend is also being seen on a lot of retro style swim wear collections. Plaid was a very masculine trend from the 90′s but it is making  comeback in the form of feminine womens clothing such as baby doll dresses, mini skirts and leggings. It’s important to carry off this look with a feminine touch by accessorizing it with some nice jewellery and heels.

Ruffles are also being predicted as fashionable for the coming seasons. They have been seen on skirts, dresses, blouses and even pants. Ruffles are a flirty, feminine and fun way of adding something extra to womens clothing. Now that you have had a chance to see the 90′s fashions returning to Womens clothing you can fill up your wardrobe with the right look for the coming seasons. It’s important to know how to carry off each look in style by reading up and learning about tips and suitable accessories in fashion magazines and through fashion guide websites.

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Henley’s Clothing has a wide range of mens clothing and Womens clothing incorporating the latest fashions and trends of the year. They are one of the most prominent UK fashion brands today. For more information on their exclusive and unique clothing range please visit http://www.henleysclothing.co.uk

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